We are happy to announce that the recordings for the new album are almost done! Only vocals are still missing and we will wait until the current lockdown situation is over to be able to go back to the studio to work on that.
We are more convinced than ever that this will be the BEST ALBUM WE HAVE EVER DONE BY FAR! We simply can't wait for you all to listen to it!

Unfortunately, due to so many shows canceled, our budget was notoriously affected, and that is why we have decided to create a link so that whoever wants can donate funds to the band and thus help us to cover some studio expenses.

Those who want to collaborate can do it here:


To those whose donation is €20 or more, we will include their name in a special section on the new album!

Stay home and stay safe!




Officially founded in 2004 in Buenos Aires by Emilio Souto, SKILTRON is the leading Folk Metal Band from South America, now based in Europe.

Starting with a 3 song demo in 2004 called "GATHERING THE CLANS", the band released their full length debut album "THE CLANS HAVE UNITED" (First Folk-Metal album ever released in Argentina) in 2006 through European record label "Underground Symphony".

In 2008 SKILTRON released their second album "BEHEADING THE LIARS", and two years later in 2010, their third album "THE HIGHLAND WAY", each album continually building on the band’s unique style and sound.

Most of the early gigs took place in Argentina, featuring shows with GRAVE DIGGER, IN EXTREMO and KORPIKLAANI, with whom the band shared a South American tour in 2010, promoting then the album ''THE HIGHLAND WAY''

In 2012 SKILTRON made their European live debut playing a UK tour with MARTIN WALKYIER (ex SABBAT & SKYCLAD) as a guest singer.

After the release of ''INTO THE BATTLEGROUND'' in 2013 the band started to tour Europe regullary, also playing festivals like WACKEN, BLOODSTOCK, HORNERFEST, HEADBANGERS, DONG, etc. sharing stages with bands such as JUDAS PRIEST, SLAYER, IN FLAMES, KING DIAMOND and AVANTASIA among many others.

The latest album ''LEGACY OF BLOOD'' was released in 2016 by TROLLZORN RECORDS and was followed by a massive European tour, playing 50 shows in 2 months in 20 countries.

In early 2017 SKILTRON played for the first time in JAPAN, sharing 3 shows together with EQUILIBRIUM and SUIDAKRA.

In 2018 the band played many concerts around Europe, including highlighted performances at Wacken Open Air and Bloodstock Festival.

Throughout the last 14 years, SKILTRON have constantly earned recognition within the Folk and Metal scene, projecting themselves as one of the references of the style.

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